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City Manager Update - May 29, 2020

Post Date:05/29/2020

The City Manager's Update is a regular news briefing that is provided to the citizens of Galt. The Update includes important City news, updates on key initiatives and projects, and how the City is delivering services and responding to any concerns from our community. 

Thomas J. Haglund, Interim City Manager 

BI-WEEKLY REPORT - May 29, 2020


As the State of California moves along the California Resilience Roadmap (CRR) it will be providing more authority to local county health directors to determine the timing of reopening businesses based on data related to COVID-19 that is specific to each county.  Sacramento County has previously filed attestations to the governor’s office which allowed the County to revise its health order and allow for full implementation of Tier 2 of the CRR.  This provides approximately 89% of Galt businesses permission to reopen so long as they follow social distancing requirements in protection of their customers and employees as prescribed for their particular business sector.  This is welcome news.  Today, the governor announced that the State will be issuing guidance soon to 48 counties that more particularly describes how those counties may begin to move into Tier 3 of the CRR which will allow each of those counties to determine the timing of their movement through Tier 3 based on data related to the virus.  Based on the governor’s statements this will authorize the Sacramento County Health Officer to determine the timing of Tier 3 business reopening as that may apply to the City of Galt.  This afternoon, the County Department of Public Health indicated they are awaiting the necessary guidance from the Governor’s office.  We will be working with the County health officer to determine potential timing for Galt which we are hopeful will come quickly.  The governor did specifically point out that California is not at all ready to move into Tier 4.  Movement into Tier 2 also allowed the Galt Market to reopen this past week.  As soon as the County authorized the City to reopen the Market staff began working to provide notice to vendors and ensure for proper social distancing requirements are met when the Market is operating. 

COVID-19 Update
On May 19, 2020, Sacramento County submitted, and subsequently received an attestation from the State of California, permitting Sacramento County to accelerate through the phases of Stage 2 at a faster rate than the rest of the State.  As a result of this approval, Sacramento County issued a revised Public Health Order with guidelines for activities allowable under the expanded segment of Stage 2. The State also released guidelines allowing for the re-opening of Salons and Barbershops, and for religious services to resume.
With these new guidelines, it is estimated that 89% of Galt businesses will now be able to re-open as long as modifications are made for social distancing requirements and sanitation protocols provided by the State.
All activities listed below are allowable with strict social distancing and other requirements. Additionally, no gatherings of any size are permitted at this time. 
• Transportation:  Resume full public transportation.
• Hospitality:  Resume dine-in at restaurants.
• Retail:  Micro enterprises retail, shopping malls. 

• Personal Care:  Pet grooming, car washes.
• Private Enterprise:  Agricultural food and beverage cultivation, process and distribution open for retail by appointment only.
• Professional Services:  Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, arborists, landscapers, gardeners.
• Offices/Workplaces:  Reopen small offices when telework is not possible.
• Child/Daycare:  Childcare, daycare and family daycare.
• Entertainment:  Outdoor museums, art galleries.
• Large Outdoor Venues:  Drive-through graduation ceremonies.
• Hair Salons/Barbershops
• Religious and Cultural Services
Every business should take steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and create a safer environment for workers and customers.  The State has issued guidance for businesses to follow in each industry segment.  Businesses must review the guidance relevant to their workplace and ensure compliance prior to reopening.  The Statewide industry guidance can be found at
City Distributing Face Masks to Galt Businesses
As businesses re-open under guidelines for social distancing, City officials realize that some businesses may need support in acquiring face coverings for employees until supply chains stabilize and coverings are more readily available for purchase. With that, the City of Galt will be distributing free face mask coverings to all local businesses. 
Face masks will be distributed at the Galt Police Department.  Please call, text or email TJ Guidotti, Community Services Officer, to coordinate pick-up. Additional details can be found at:
TJ Guidotti, Community Services Officer
Galt Police Department 
Office: 209.366.7021
Cell: 209.329.7873

Virtual Recreation Webpage - A website has been created and is being updated weekly for residents to refer to for activities to help keep busy during the shelter in place mandate.  This page has items for youth, adults and seniors and includes information and videos from some of the special interest instructors who work with the City.  

Galt Market
The County of Sacramento has allowed the Galt Market to reopen its gates. The safety and well-being of buyers, sellers, vendors and employees is and always a top priority. Along with the guidelines set by the State, the Galt Market will continue to take additional efforts to assure safety remains number one through education and operational efforts.     
Special Events
Friday Night’s Farmer Market, 4th Street Promenade, every Friday June 5 – September 25 (see attached flyer
Lights for Heroes, June 26 – 28, 610 Chabolla Ave, 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm. (see attached flyer)


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