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Reminder to the Community - Stage 2 Water Alert in effect.

Post Date:05/08/2017

The City of Galt remains at Stage 2 Water Alert. Per Galt Municipal Code 13.10.060, Stage 2 includes all of the requirements of a Stage 1 Water Alert. Please read the text below.

 A. Stage 1 - Normal Water Supply. 
    1. The waste of water is prohibited. “Waste of water” under this section shall mean allowing water to escape from the water supply at the rate of one quart or more per hour from any leaky, worn or broken faucets, valves, pipes or other fixtures, or permitting water to run from any hose, hose nozzle, valve or sprinkler in a wasteful, useless or nonbeneficial manner. 
    2. Free flowing water hoses shall be prohibited except where used for filling troughs, pools, spas, ponds or similar uses. Automatic shutoff devices shall be used on all hoses for the purposes of watering lawns or gardens or for the washing of vehicles, boats, equipment, driveways, sidewalks, or similar uses. 
    3. All leaking water lines and/or faulty sprinkler systems must be repaired within five days. At the discretion of the city’s public works department, and upon a showing or just cause by the use, the five-day limit may be extended. Any water line beyond and including the correction to the curb stop shall be the resident’s responsibility for repair and replacement. 
    4. All pools, spas, ponds and ornamental fountains shall be equipped with a recirculating pump and shall be constructed in a leak-proof manner. Draining and refilling of such structure shall be allowed only for health, maintenance or structural considerations.

B. Stage 2 - Water Alert. 
    1. All requirements of stage 1 apply, and in addition, landscape and pasture irrigation shall be limited to a maximum of three days per week, when necessary, and shall be based on the following odd-even schedule: 
        a. Customers with street addresses ending with an even number may irrigate only on Wednesday and/or Friday and/or Sunday; 
        b. Customers with street addresses ending with an odd number may irrigate only on Tuesday and/or Thursday and/or Saturday; 
        c. No irrigation will be permitted on Mondays. 
    2. Draining and refilling of pools, spas and ponds shall be allowed for health, maintenance or structural considerations, after approval by the city engineer. Customer requests for approval must be substantiated in writing by a pool consultant or equivalent. 
    3. Restaurants shall serve water only upon specific request. 
    4. No washing of sidewalks, streets, driveways, parking lots, structures, or similar uses will be allowed except as necessary for health, sanitary or fire protection purposes. 
    5. Washing of vehicles, boats, equipment, etc. shall be accomplished under the following restrictions: 
        a. Water buckets shall be utilized; 
        b. Water hoses with automatic shutoff devices may be used for rinsing for a duration not to exceed three minutes.


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