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City Manager's Update - September 6, 2019

Post Date:09/06/2019 11:50 AM

The City Manager's Update is a regular news briefing that is provided to the citizens of Galt. The Update includes important City news, updates on key initiatives and projects, and how the City is delivering services and responding to any concerns from our community.

Thomas J. Haglund, Interim City Manager

BI-WEEKLY REPORT - September 6, 2019

The City Council took the first steps toward financial sustainability by enacting budget reductions on Tuesday, September 3. The reductions approved by the City Council demonstrate a focused determination on the part of the council to enact broad financial reforms in pursuit of a balanced budget that can be sustained over the long term. Tuesday’s reductions were the type of reduction that could be unilaterally enacted by the council in the short term to balance the budget immediately, with the recognitions that more significant actions will need to be taken in the mid-term (six to nine months) to establish more lasting budget restructuring. The mid-term effort will focus on both expenditure reductions that require contractual modification between parties and revenue enhancements to bridge the gap between the cost of services and available revenues.

The City and Cal-Waste continue to meet and work on potential modifications to the franchise agreement between the two entities as a measure to provide some relief to commercial collection rates. Several of the items the two are working on require greater assessment and level of effort which increases the timing of the process.

The police department will be providing traffic control for the Liberty Ranch High School Homecoming Parade on Friday, September 20.

The police department will be providing security for the Vet-Traxx Festival at Veteran’s Soccer Field on Saturday, September 21. The department will also be providing security for the Galt Ag Boosters Farm to Fork dinner on the same date.

The next Coffee with a Cop will be on Wednesday, October 2 from 7:30 am – 9:30 am at Aroma Bakery and Café (Aroma Panaderia), 241 S. Lincoln Way.

City of Galt Sesquicentennial
On September 14, Public Works will be closing the following roads for the celebration of Galt’s 150th anniversary:
• Fourth Street will be closed between A and B Streets to the north side of E Street.
• B Street will be closed to west bound traffic from the alley between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
• C Street will be closed from Third Street to Fifth Street.
• D Street will be closed to westbound traffic from the alley between Fourth and Fifth Streets.

Military Convoy
There will be a military convoy coming through town on September 13 that may cause slow moving traffic starting around 11:00 am. The convoy will enter town on Lincoln Way from the north and is expected to turn west on A Street before stopping and parking in the field area on the west side of Fourth Street. The convoy is expected to depart by midafternoon as it continues on its way.

Battery Recycling Grant
The City of Galt was approved for a household hazardous waste grant fund to install a drive-to/drive-thru household battery drop off box. This grant will make it possible for residents to have a place to recycle household batteries in town and will help prevent fires in landfills and the local transfer station from improperly disposed batteries. This funding opportunity was made available by the California Department of Resources and Recovery.

Staff began inspection and cleaning storm drain inlets citywide in preparation for the upcoming rainy season. Ditch cleaning will also take place with crews clearing debris and vegetation to keep drainage channels open.

Sewer Maintenance
Staff is video inspecting sanitary sewer main lines and manholes. It takes a period of ten years to video inspect the entire system. Staff is beginning the second round to identify any new deficiencies which will be addressed to prevent sanitary sewer overflows.

Planning Division
Fairway Oaks Project
The Galt Planning Division received an application for the revised Fairway Oaks Project. The Fairway Oaks Subdivision is located south of Glendale Avenue, west of Highway 99 and Dry Creek, north of Dry Creek, and east of Lower Sacramento Road. See location map below.

Fairway Oaks is an approved 100-unit subdivision. The vesting tentative subdivision map was approved in 2012, and after exhausting all extensions, will expire on January 10, 2020. The applicant is proposing a revised vesting tentative subdivision map incorporating two additional parcels into the project and including the annexation of the adjacent unincorporated Sacramento County area (County Island).

The revised project totals 50.6 acres with the two additional parcels. One of the parcels included in the project is the 5.7 acre property owned by the City of Galt. The City will sell the property to the applicant, Arcadia Homes, once the project receives entitlements. The project will include 169 lots (ranging in size from 6,500 square feet to 13,690 square feet) for single family development and the dedication of 12 acres of open space along the Dry Creek riparian corridor. Access to the proposed subdivision comes from four different roadways: Glendale Avenue from the north, Cornell Road from the west, and Ranch Road and Chase Drive from the south. See proposed subdivision map below.

Fairway Oaks map (2)

Although the project will include the annexation of the County Island, there are no development plans for property located on the island. It is included as part of the project in order to ensure access to the Fairway Oaks development site and to provide for more efficient municipal service to those living in and near the County Island. See map below showing the relationship between the unincorporated Sacramento County lands and Fairway Oaks.

Fairway Oaks County Island

The following entitlements are being proposed for the Fairway Oaks Project:
• Vesting tentative subdivision map creating 169 single family lots.
• Rezone of the two additional parcels, APNs 150-0010-50 and 52, R1B (8,000 square foot lot minimum) to R1C (6,500 square foot lot minimum).
• Annexation of the adjacent County Island.
• Prezone of the annexation area.
• California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) approval and an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration.

The CEQA process will begin as soon as it is determined that the map conforms to City requirements. The CEQA process should take 6-8 months. Public hearings for the project should be scheduled for spring/summer 2020. The City anticipates scheduling public meetings in the near future with those living in the County Island and near the project site.

Stagehands Children’s Theater begins September 19. The class will incorporate exercises in physical expressiveness, voice production, improvisation, and the memorization of scenes. Students will have fun acting and singing on stage as they work together to perform a fun-filled and entertaining musical theater production for family and friends to enjoy. For more information contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 209.366.7180.

Applications for City Tots Preschool are still being accepted. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department.

The Gora Aquatic Center is officially closed for the 2019 season.

• Southern Pacific Park – Irrigation valve was manually turned on causing flooding.
• Walker Community Park – Irrigation system has a bad decoder or a faulty wire causing the entire system to fail. There are over 90 decoders that parks staff, with the help of the system representative, will be trouble shooting. Staff is currently watering manually until the fault is found.
• Sports Complex – Replaced bad irrigation valve on Diamond 2.

Staff replaced multiple broken sprinklers on Carillion Boulevard along with fixing the backflow and a bad valve at Stockton Boulevard and Adare Way.

Parks staff continues to make watering adjustments and repairs as needed.

• Food Truck Mania, Fourth Street Promenade, September 7, 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 pm.
• Circus Royal Spectacular, 380 Civic Drive, September 12-16, various times.
• Military Convoy, Fourth Street between A and E Streets, including the Promenade, September 13, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.
• Galt Sesquicentennial, Fourth Street between A and E Streets, including the Promenade, September 14, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
• Liberty Ranch Homecoming Parade, September 20, 10:30 am – 12:00 pm.
• Vetstock Music Festival, Veterans Field, September 21, 10:30 am – 10:00 pm.
• Farm to Fork Dinner, Fourth Street Promenade, September 21, 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm.


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