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City Manager Update - January 24, 2020

Post Date:01/24/2020 11:33 AM

The City Manager's Update is a regular news briefing that is provided to the citizens of Galt. The Update includes important City news, updates on key initiatives and projects, and how the City is delivering services and responding to any concerns from our community.

Thomas J. Haglund, Interim City Manager

BI-WEEKLY REPORT - January 24, 2020


Galt Market Community Plan and Assembly Bill 3773 (“AB 3773”)
In July 2019, the City Council received a report and presentation regarding the Galt Market Community Plan (“GMCP” or “Plan”), a grant funded effort for the City to explore possible reuses and reinvigoration of the approximately 44 acre Civic Center properties that currently include City Hall, Littleton Center, the Sports Complex, the Galt Market, parking areas, and adjacent private lands (hereinafter “Civic Center Properties”).  The goal of the GMCP is to determine, through community participation, if a community gateway style enhancement to these properties is possible that will advance the opportunity for public-private-partnership to improve the attractiveness, usability and economic conditions of the area.  As the City Council has been made aware through many financial presentations since April 2019, the Galt Market has lost $1,000,000 in annual revenue over the last 15 years and there is nothing to indicate that the continued downward trend will abate.  Revenues from the Galt Market fund parks and recreation facilities and programs in the City, so the GMCP process will explore if better, more efficient and productive uses of the properties will lead to a more stable source of revenue being generated from the Galt Market and surrounding properties if they are developed in a different way.  Also, in July 2019, the City Council approved an exclusive negotiating agreement with the Lewis Group of Companies (“Lewis”) to see if a public-private-partnership could be achieved based on what the community envisions as part of the Galt Market Community Plan process.  The community will design the Plan and Lewis will be a stakeholder in the Plan’s development.  The City Council will make the ultimate decision as to whether a Plan is approved.

Beginning last fall, staff initiated presentations about the upcoming GMCP to community stakeholder groups, including a joint presentation held in cooperation with the Galt Chamber of Commerce.  The presentations were designed to inform the public as to the GMCP process and encourage widespread involvement from Galt residents in its development.  City Council members attended the Chamber of Commerce sponsored event and other stakeholder presentations.  A key component of the presentations (Presentation) (Presentation Attachment) was informing stakeholders of the need to seek legislative amendments to AB 3773, first adopted in 1982, which restricts how the Civic Center Properties are used.  Legislative modification will be important if a GMCP is to eventually be implemented.  Since the current restrictions under AB 3773 limit property use to the Galt Market and parks and recreation related activities, a modification to AB 3773 would seek to allow uses consistent with a Galt Market Community Plan, if adopted by the City Council.  Importantly, any proposed modification would continue the current requirement that monies generated from use of the properties continue to fund parks and recreation related activities.  This is important because one of the goals the City has set forth as part of the GMCP process is to develop a stronger and more stable source of revenue for parks and recreation activities and facilities.  Any modifications to AB 3773 would give the City Council more options on how to use the Civic Center Properties in support of parks and recreation funding.   

At the last council meeting, staff again reviewed the status of the overall project, including that the City was working with key legislators to explore modifications to AB 3773, consistent with the legislative calendar for the introduction of bills which has a deadline of February 21, 2020.  Any bill language seeking legislative modification to AB 3773 would require City Council approval.  Staff is continuing to work with legislators to preserve the option of bill introduction and present proposed language to City Council for review and approval consistent with the legislative calendar.

Ransomware Attack
The City Council received a report at the last regular council meeting regarding the recent ransomware attack.  The City has made significant progress recovering from the attack with many systems restored, including the telephone system.  The public can call regularly published City telephone numbers and reach the various City offices.  The ransomware attack has been a significant event for the City, interrupting business flow for nearly a month.  Staff will continue to work on brining the system to 100% over the next days and weeks. 

Vector Control Measures
The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District (SYMVCD) has advised the City of Galt that they may be making larvicide and other adulticide applications to waters of the United States under the City’s jurisdiction for mosquito reduction purposes.  The notice from the SYMVCD is attached.

On January 15, 2020, Galt Police Department, along with several other police agencies, Cosumnes Fire Department, Foothills K9 Association, staff, several members of the public and the Tonn family honored the 7th anniversary of Officer Kevin Tonn’s sacrifice. Approximately 100 people attended the moment of silence and the wreath laying. The department is grateful to everyone who attended the memorial and honored the legacy of Officer Kevin Tonn.

Retailers and providers of sharps in the City are required to have a system for the collection and disposal of home-generated sharps waste.  Staff recently completed the annual sharps container audit and all pharmacies in the City are in compliance.

Building Division
On January 13, 2020, the property owner at 1080 North Lincoln Way pulled a building permit for the 80 room La Quinta Inn & Suites.  Construction is expected to begin once the weather allows and is expected to take approximately one year.

Building permits have been submitted and are under review for the following projects:

  • Union 76 Gas Station/Jamba Juice/Baja Fresh located at 952 Simmerhorn Road.
  • Dry Creek Oaks Senior Development (206 homes) located north of Dry Creek Golf Course.
  • Parlin Oaks Subdivision/Apartments (144 homes, 80 apartments) located at the southwest corner of Carillion Boulevard and Walnut Avenue.
  • Cardoso I Subdivision (69 homes) located on Kost Road west of the cemetery.

Planning Division
The Planning Division received the following applications:

  • Gas station/convenience store/fast food/car wash located at the northeast corner of Twin Cities Road and East Stockton Boulevard.  The project will require an annexation into the City limits and design review for the commercial use.  The project is now under review.  It is expected to be presented to Planning Commission in winter of 2020.
  • Three unit parcel map located at 550 First Street.  The project will require a tentative parcel map and design review. 
  • Nine unit housing development at 573 A Street.  The project is expected to be presented to Planning Commission design review and is expected to be presented by the end of spring 2020.

Planning Commission
The following items will be presented at the upcoming February 13, 2020 Planning Commission meeting:

  • Election of Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Second Street Apartments Design Review (8 apartments) located at 615 Second Street.
  • Dutch Bros Drive-thru Conditional Use Permit located at 325 Pine Street.
  • Galt 24Hr Self Storage Minor Use Permit located at 575 Industrial Drive.
  • Cedar Flats Estates Time Extension and Substantial Compliance (110 homes) located at the east terminus of Ayers Lane and Amador Drive.
  • Climate Action Plan (CAP).

The City has begun the budget development process for the Fiscal Years 2020-21 and 2021-22.  This is a collaborative process led by the City Manager and Finance with participation of all departments to analyze and project detailed revenues and expenditures for the upcoming years.  The result will be a balanced budget that will be presented to the City Council and the public in late May and early June 2020 for consideration.

Winter Bird Festival
The upcoming Winter Bird Festival is scheduled for Saturday February 1, 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Chabolla Community Center, 600 Chabolla Avenue.  Bring your family and friends to engage in a festival offering diverse activities.  Jeff Rich, a biologist, teacher and photographer is the keynote speaker.   Rich showcases over 150 of his storytelling photographs of Bald Eagles and shares insights into the birds’ habitat, feeding habits, mating patterns, the care of their young, and more.  Attendees will marvel over images of birds in flight, in nests with their young, at rest, preening, and capturing prey.

The day will also be filled with educational tours, live animal presentations, hands on activities, and a display of local school art work and educational exhibit tables.  It is a something-for-everyone event with a sharp emphasis on learning.    For more information call:  209.366.7180 or email

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