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Tour and Workshop Schedule

 Friday January 31, 2020 

2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


This tour is perfect for all levels of bird enthusiasts,  taking you on a bird watching adventure behind locked gates at the Cosumnes River Preserve.  Guided by one of the Bureau of Land Management biologists, you will explore areas of the 2,000 acres of wetlands that are managed especially for the wide variety of wildlife and bird species, including Sandhill Cranes.  You will learn about the management practices that serve to provide habitat for waterfowl and other water birds at the Preserve and have opportunities to view the wildlife up close in areas that would otherwise be closed to the public.  Don't forget to bring your binoculars and cameras,  and make sure to come dressed for walking in damp conditions. 

$15 per participant,  tour limited to 20 people and bus provided to and from tour.

6:00 am – 8:30 am


There is no better time to experience the vibrant life of the wetlands than at dawn, and no better time to enjoy Sandhill Cranes as they begin their day with song and dance. Join a small and hearty group on this amazing photo tour with this year's keynote speaker/photographer Jeff Rich and his co-leader. As the sun rises, you will experiment with high ISO’s, long shutter speeds and wide open apertures to capture images not obtainable at any other time. 

$40 per participant, tour limited to 15 people and bus provided to and from tour.

6:30 am – 12:00 pm


Come hiking with world renowned bird Dr. John Trochet, Field Ornithologist with U.C. Davis, through some of the most remote riparian areas of the Cosumnes River Preserve. Journey through a portion of the Preserve ordinarily closed to public visitation. You will see many of the jewels of the Preserve; the Tall Forrest, the Accidental Forrest, and more. With a little luck we should see and hear over 90 species of birds, and a variety of mammals; including deer, raccoon, river otter, beaver, and more.

Rain or shine, $40 per participant, tour is limited to 12 people and bus provided to and from tour.

9:00 am – 11:00 am


Take a guided tour through our Materials Recovery Facility. See what we do and how we do it. Each day we recover discarded natural resources destined for landfills, conserve natural resources, create new jobs, and reduce local carbon footprint. Our goal is to preserve our environment and build a better future for our community and the lands and waterways that surround it. Good for all ages. Kids’ activity will be included during your visit.

No fee, must pre-register with Galt Parks & Recreation, limited to 30 people.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Turner Road Vintners has created a bountiful habitat for a variety of bird species, both native and imported, including a flock of Black Swans.  Join resident manager John Devine on an walk around the grounds and the innovative eco-friendly water reclamation ponds while enjoying a glass of complimentary wine. Don't forget your binoculars and your camera as this is a go-to destination for bird photographers!   Participants must be 21 years or older.                                                                          

Rain or Shine,  $15 per participant,  tour is limited to 20 people.  All attendees will meet at Turner Road Vintners with own transportation. 

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm

PAINT AND SIP AT THE BARN - Off site Workshop

Join us at the Cosumnes River Preserve’s Barn for an entire outdoor experience.  The barn is surrounded by wetlands for optimal bird viewing opportunities.  Enjoy wine from our local Consumnes River Farm and light snacks.  Sit down and get comfy as you are about to bring out your inner artist!  Each participant will be taught step by step and before you know it, you will have painted your very own Bald Eagle!  The Bald Eagle is th13th Annual Winter Bird Festival’s mascot and you will get to take home your very own canvas keepsake!

$45 per participant, includes 2 glasses of wine and light snacks, must be 21 or older, limited to 22 people and bus provided to and from workshop.

1:30 pm – 5:00 pm


Join local expert birder Chris Conard, Natural Resource Specialist at the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Bufferlands, alongside Barbara Daly, on Delta Heartbeat Tours as they explore the beautiful Delta. Barbara has been offering historical tours of the Delta for years. With stops at Staten Island, the Vietnamese Monastery, a stop in Walnut Grove for ice cream on the Sacramento River’s edge, and a tour of the old town of Locke, then through Isleton on the way back to the Chabolla Community Center, it’s sure to be the perfect afternoon!

$70 per participant, tour limited to 13 people. 

3:30 pm - sunset


Join Emily Wells, Staten Island Program Manager, as she discusses the management practices of Conservation Farms and Ranches. Watch the breathtaking sight of hundreds of cranes flying in to roost for the night. You will learn about the habitats of the cranes, why the Staten Island open wetland environment is preferred by these magnificent birds, and what we all can do to preserve their winter home.

$25 per participant, tour limited to 25 people and bus provided to and from tour.


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