Municipal Code

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The Galt Municipal Code contains all codified ordinances adopted by the Galt City Council.  The code serves as the legislative policies by which the city of Galt is governed.  Certain code titles are labeled "Reserved".  These sections have not been utilized to date and contain no legislative acts.

The municipal code is periodically amended and therefore the provisions you access from this page may not necessarily be the most current versions of the code. You may determine if the code section you access is current by contacting the City Clerk at 209.366.7130.

Code updated through Ordinance 2010-05 adopted April 20, 2011.

Title 1 General Provisions
1.01 Code Adoption
1.04 General Provisions
1.12 Posting Public Notices

Title 2 Administration and Personnel
2.04 City Officers Generally-Bond & Oaths
2.12 City Council
2.16 City Manager
2.20 Director of Finance
2.24 Emergency Services
2.28 Planning Commission
2.32 Redevelopment Agency
2.44 Police Officer Training
2.45 Public Safety Dispatchers
2.46 Destruction of Records
2.50 General Municipal Elections
2.54 Campaign Contribution Limitations

Title 3 Revenue and Finance
3.04 Bad Checks
3.08 Claims
3.12 Property Tax Collection 
3.16 Purchasing
3.20 Special Gasoline Tax Street Improvement Fund
3.22 Disposition of Surplus Property
3.24 Unclaimed Property
3.28 Real Property Transfer Tax
3.32 Sales and Use Tax
3.36 Transient Occupancy Tax
3.40 Special Transaction and Use Tax for Police Services

Title 4 Adult-Oriented Businesses
4.04 General Provisions
4.08 Definitions
4.12 Adult-Oriented Business Licenses
4.16 Registration of Employees
4.20 Denial, Suspension, and Revocation of License
4.24 Development and Performance Standards and Regulations
4.32 Miscellaneous Provisions

Title 5 Business Licenses and Regulations
5.04 Business License Generally
5.16 Bingo Games 
5.18 Bingo Parlors
5.20 Contractor License Tax
5.50 Cable Television
5.55 Local Administration and Enforcement of Provisions of the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006

Title 6 Animals
6.04 County Provisions Adopted

Title 7 RESERVED (This Title is reserved for future use)

Title 8 Health and Safety
8.04 Fireworks
8.12 Food Handling Establishments
8.16 Garbage
8.20 Property Maintenance
8.21 Vacant Building Monitoring Fee and Securing of Vacant Buildings
8.22 Long-Term Boarded and Vacant Buildings
8.24 Nuisance Vehicles
8.28 Raw Milk
8.32 Weed, Rubble and Rubbish Control
8.36 Underground Storage of Hazardous Substances
8.40 Noise Control Standards
8.44 Graffiti Control
8.48 Smoking

Title 9 Public Peace, Morals and Welfare
9.08 Trespassing
9.12 Curfews
9.16 Discharging Weapons
9.20 Alcoholic Beverages-Use in Public Places
9.24 Protection of Police Dogs
9.28 Obstruction of Sidewalks
9.32 Miscellaneous Provisions
9.36 Use of Skateboards, Scooters, Roller Skates, Roller Blades, or In-Line Skates on Property Within the City of Galt
9.37 Skateboard and Skating Areas
9.38 Special Events
9.39 Sex Offenders Proximity to Children's Facilities

Title 10 Vehicles and Traffic
10.04 Definitions
10.08 Enforcement and Accidents
10.12 Traffic Control Devices
10.24 Miscellaneous Driving Rules
10.28 Speed Limits
10.31 Use of Vehicles for Human Habitation
10.32 Parking
10.34 Parking Zones
10.36 Loading and Unloading
10.40 Truck Routes
10.44 Bicycles
10.48 Interstate Truck Terminal Designation and Access

Title 11 RESERVED (This Title reserved for future use)

Title 12 Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places
12.04 Culverts in Ditches
12.08 Construction in the City Right-Of-Way
12.12 Parks
12.16 Sidewalks, Driveways, Curbs and Gutters
12.20 Street Trees
12.24 Underground Utilities
12.28 Cutting and Removal of Oak Trees

Title 13 Water Services
13.04 Water Department
13.08 Water Connections
13.10 Water Conservation

Title 14 Wastewater Services
14.04 Sanitary Department
14.10 Sanitary Sewer Connections
14.20 Use of the Sanitary Sewer System

Title 15 Buildings and Construction
15.04 Uniform Codes
15.08 Moving Buildings and Structures
15.21 Establishment of Development Impact Fees for Measure A Transportation Improvements
15.28 Fire Code

Title 16 Storm Water
16.10 Storm Water Protection
16.30 Grading
16.50 Drainage Utility

Title 17 Subdivisions
17.04 General Provisions
17.08 Definitions
17.12 Regulations Generally
17.16 Tentative Maps
17.20 Vesting Tentative Maps
17.24 Parcel Maps
17.28 Final Maps
17.32 Improvements and Dedications
17.36 Monuments
17.40 Modifications
17.44 Reversion, Merger and Lot Certification
17.48 Administration
17.52 Enforcement
17.54 Covenants for Easements

Title 18 Zoning
18.04 Authority and Purpose
18.08 Establishment of Zoning Districts
18.12 Base Zoning District Purposes and Regulations
18.16 Base Zoning District Use Regulations
18.20 Base Zoning District Development Standards
18.24 Combining Zoning District Regulations/Specific Plans
18.28 Second Residential Unit Standards
18.32 Manufactured Home and Mobile Home Park Standards
18.33 Conversion, Closure, and Cessation of use of Mobile Home Parks
18.36 Parking and Loading Standards/Refuse and Recyclable Materials Collection
18.38 Big-Box Retail Design Standards
18.40 Sign Standards
18.44 Satellite Receiving Dishes
18.48 Nonconforming Buildings and Uses
18.52 General Permit Procedures
18.56 Home Occupations
18.60 Sign Permits and Approvals
18.64 Zoning Conformance Check
18.68 Site Plan and Design Review
18.72 Determination of Similar Use
18.76 Minor Use Permits
18.80 Use Permits
18.84 Variance
18.88 Amendment of This Title
18.92 Definitions

Title 19 Flood Control
19.04 Findings of Fact, Purpose and Methods
19.08 General Provisions
19.12 Definitions
19.16 Permits and Administration
19.20 Construction Standards Generally
19.24 Subdivisions
19.28 Mobile Homes
19.32 Floodways

Title 20 Cross Connection Control
20.01 Purpose
20.02 Definitions
20.03 General Provisions
20.04 Required Protection
20.05 Backflow Prevention Devices
20.06 User Supervisor
20.07 Administrative Procedures
20.08 Water Service Termination

Title 21 Code Enforcement
21.01 Violations, Penalties and Enforcement
21.02 Administrative Citations
21.03 Hearings and Appeals

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