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     This page serves as the internet site for the SUCCESSOR AGENCY TO THE GALT REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY. The City Council adopted a resolution to serve as the Successor Agency. The Successor Agency is tasked with carrying out the orderly wind-down of the former Redevelopment Agency. Link to Successor Agency/Oversight Board Documents.

                                               Redevelopment Oversight Board

      The Redevelopment Oversight Board is charged with overseeing the activities of the Successor Agency as it discharges its obligations, disposes of assets, and winds down redevelopment activities.

Board Members:
Terry Parker
, Real Estate Broker, Mayor Appointment
Greg Lucido, Interim Finance Director, Mayor Appointment
Kristen Yates, Sacramento County Appointment
D. Carson, Member of the Public, Sacramento County Appointment
John Ebner, Management Analyst, Cosumnes Community Services District Appointment
Karen Schauer, Superintendent, Sacramento County Superintendent of Education Appointment
Raquel Puentes-Griffith, Controller, Chancellor of Community Colleges Appointment


12/24/2015 CANCELLED
11/26/2015 CANCELLED
10/22/2015 CANCELLED
09/24/2015 Agenda 2015-03OB Minutes
08/27/2015 CANCELLED
07/23/2015 CANCELLED
06/25/2015 CANCELLED
05/28/2015 CANCELLED
04/23/2015 CANCELLED
03/26/2015 CANCELLED


Agenda 2015-01OB 2015-02OB Minutes
01/22/2015 CANCELLED