Vice Mayor Mark Crews

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I entered the work force at the age of 17 working part time sales for a major Texas based corporation. I progressed quickly (having a strong aptitude for electronics and the then budding computer industry). At the age of 21, I was a sales manager and then moved to the position of service manager for the computer service unit of the same corporation. I was responsible for the training of department managers as well as network installations. I spent 14 years in this position until I became a police officer for the city of Galt.

I moved to Galt in 1987 because of its’ small town feel. I met my wife and have two beautiful little boys as a result of living in this wonderful town. I am now a retired Galt Police Officer. During my 16+ years with the city, I had the honor of working both as a patrol officer, member of the code enforce team, weaponless defense instructor and investigative member of the Galt Arson unit.

I am very active with the promotion of the youth of Galt. They are our future and need every opportunity to succeed.

We need to bring responsible Smart Growth, economic development programs and needed services to our community. We need to provide a tax base that will allow us to provide these services. If we attract the right businesses and services to our city, we will be a city to be envied by all and sought as a safe haven for families to live and grow.

My hope is to prepare Galt for the future. All of us need to provide input as to how the city grows and prospers. As your representative, it is my responsibility to ensure our city grows as the citizens wish. It is essential that we plan together to make our city a community that is safe. We need to provide housing, schools, parks and programs for our youth. We can do this while preserving our past and planning our future and the future of our community.