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Shaun L. Farrell
The City Treasurer is an office within all general law cities and almost without exception in chartered cities in California. The legal consequences which flow from this status as a “public officer” carry important official and personal responsibilities. The duties of this vital position are set forth in statues. Sections 41001 through 41005 of the Government Code set forth the primary statutory duties of general law city treasurers.

These duties are: To receive and safely keep all money coming into the Treasury (Gov. Code Section 41101); to comply with all laws governing the depositing and securing of public funds (Gov. Code Section 41002); to pay money only on warrants signed by legally designated persons (Gov. Code 41003); and submit a monthly written report and accounting of receipts, perform any duty, transaction, etc. as deemed necessary by the City Council. The City Treasurer also serves in the capacity of treasurer for the City’s Redevelopment Agency, Galt Middle School Joint Powers Authority, City of Galt Public Financing Authority and the City Capital Improvements authority.

Over the past 60 years, the City of Galt has had only four treasurers:

Charles Belli – 1946 to 1968
Jaclyn Davy – 1968 to 1984
Virginia Twardy – 1984 to 1991
Shaun Farrell – 1991 to Present

Elected Position

The Galt City Treasurer position is a part-time elected position with a four-year term with no term limits.

City of Galt Current Investments 

Every month the Treasurer is required to submit a Treasurer’s Report for approval to the Galt City Council.

Current Treasurer's Monthly Report Summary
City of Galt                 

Investment Policy for Fiscal Year 2019-2020 
City of Galt Investment Policy
The City's investment policy has been certified by the United States and Canada Municipal Treasurer's Association.

Mr. Farrell is a member of the California Municipal Treasurer’s Association and has earned his certification and has been recertified twice through the Association. Shaun is currently a member of the Executive Board of CMTA.

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Shaun Farrell, CCMT
City Treasurer