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Every city and county in California must adopt a general plan. A general plan is a legal document that serves as a community's constitution for land use and development.

The General Plan sets out a long-term vision for Galt's growth and outlines policies, standards, and programs to guide day-to-day decisions concerning Galt's development through the year 2030. Designed to meet the State planning requirements, the General Plan consists of two documents: The Existing Conditions Report and the Policy Document. The Existing Conditions Report inventories and analyzes the existing conditions and trends in Galt and provides the formal supporting documentation for general plan policies. The Policy Document is divided into two main parts. Part I is a summary of the General Plan, describing the nature and purpose of the plan, highlighting the guiding principles of the plan, and outlining the plan's main proposals. Part II contains explicit statements of goals, policies, standards, implementation programs, and quantified objectives that constitute the formal policy of the City of Galt for land use, development and environmental quality. (See below.)

In addition to the General Plan Existing Conditions Report and General Plan Policy Document, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) analyzing the impacts and implications of the General Plan was prepared. The EIR, which is not formerly part of the General Plan, was prepared to meet the requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act.

2030 Final General Plan Documents                                          



City of Galt
2030 General Plan
Annual Progress
Report: 2015


General Plan Annual Reports:
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