Galt Retail Trade Area Data

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The Buxton Company, a national leader in consumer analytics, was hired by the City of Galt to accurately identify and describe consumers in the Galt Trade Area and to help create a targeted retail recruitment strategy.

The Buxton Company also created tools that local businesses can use to identify unmet sales opportunityin the area (sales leakage) and to profile local consumer households and their buying habits.

Retail Site Assessments
Evaluation of the retail potential of four different primary trade areas (10 minute drive time trade areas) including trade area maps, detailed profiles of customers within these trade areas, (see "Consumer Profile data" topic for more information), and a sales leakage analysis. All these trade areas overlap and have similar customer profiles, but there are some differences depending on the centerpoint of the trade area selected:
     *  Central Galt Interchange (Site 1)
     *  Twin Cities Rd. & Highway 99 (Site 2)
     *  Old Town Galt (Site 3)
     *  Walnut Ave. & Carillion Blvd. (Site 4)

Consumer Profile Detail
After reviewing the consumer profiles included in the selected Retail Site Assessments, businesses can find more detailed psychographic information about each of the identified household types or "dominant segments" on the "Mosaic" website.
     *  Mosaic Website

Consumer Propensity Report (CPR)
Report that includes over 4,000 different categories of products, services or consumer behaviors and an index showing the likelihood of a Galt consumer to use the given product or service as compared to an average American consumer. An index of 125 means a Galt consumer is 25% more likely to use that product than the average Amercian. Whereas an index of 75 means a Galt consumer is 25% less likely.
     *  CPR Guide
     *  CPR - Categories: Apparel - Food
     *  CPR - Categories: Health & Beauty - Tobacco

Healthcare Analysis
A study of the healthcare demand and service levels in Galt compared to industry standards and similar sized cities.
     *  Healthcare Analysis

Hospitality Analysis
An analysis to determine which hotel chains would likely be successful in Galt based on their performance in similar markets.
     *  Hospitality Analysis

Best Retail Matches for Galt - 2011
The Buxton Company compared the consumer profile and household density in Galt's trade area with its database of national retailers. Those retailers whose customer profile and population requirements most closely matched Galt were identified. The City will use this list for targeted retail recruitment efforts and commercial brokers/developers are encouraged to do the same.
     *  Best Retail Matches 

If you have any questions about these resources or need additional assistance with using them, please contact Eugene Palazzo, City Manager, at (209) 366-7100 or