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General Election – November 6, 2018
Galt City Council Candidates - In the order on the ballot.

This election will be held for the purpose of voting for three (3) city council member seats (four-year terms).

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Crews, Mark E.

City Council Member




Facebook: Mark Crews for Council 2018


Lozano, Rich

School Safety Supervisor





Farmer, Shawn L.

Business Owner



Facebook: Farmer for Galt City Council 2018; www.farmerforgalt.com


Davenport, Gene




Facebook: Gene Davenport for Galt City Council


Heuer, Lori G.

City Council Member



Facebook: Lori Heuer for Galt City Council


Malson, Tom

Appointed Incumbent





Sandhu, Paul

Local Business Owner





Balliet, Bob

Retired AT&T Associate





Measure G: Shall the office of the city clerk for the
City of Galt be appointive?

Impartial Analysis by Kimberly Hood, Interim City Attorney

     Pursuant to Elections Code section 9280, I am hereby providing the Impartial Analysis for the measure placing before the voters the question whether the city clerk should be an appointed rather than an elected position (“Measure G”).
Impartial Analysis from City Attorney
     This measure places before the voters, at the direction of the City Council, the question of whether the city clerk should be an appointed rather than an elected position.
     State law requires a general law city, like Galt, to have a city clerk. The position may be elected or appointed. Currently, the city clerk is elected every four years as provided by state law. The current term of the city clerk expires in 2020. If a majority of voters approve this question, the City Council may appoint a person to the office at the expiration of the current city clerk’s term, or upon a vacancy in the office.
     The only qualifications in state law for an elected city clerk are being over 18 years old; a Galt resident; a registered voter in Galt; and not convicted of certain disqualifying crimes (e.g. embezzlement of public money, bribery, etc.). If voters approve making the city clerk an appointed position, the City Council would have the authority to establish qualifications for the city clerk, such as educational and experience requirements, and to appoint the person they found best qualified, regardless of that person’s place of residence. An appointed city clerk would hold the position at the pleasure of the City Council.
     A majority of California’s cities have an appointed city clerk (approximately 75% are appointed).
     Many of the duties of the city clerk are also established by state law and would remain unchanged. The city clerk records the minutes of City Council meetings and is the custodian of many of the city’s records. The clerk serves as the local elections official and is responsible for preparing and publishing required legal documents for calling and holding municipal elections.
     The clerk is also responsible for performing certain duties relating to compliance with state and local conflict of interest laws. The clerk serves as the filing officer for statements of economic interests that are required of city officials and designated employees, and for campaign contribution and expenditure statements that are required of candidates for city elected offices and from groups supporting and opposing city ballot measures.
     If this measure is successful, the duties of the clerk administrator, which is a separate full-time paid position, would be assumed by the appointed city clerk. As no further salary and benefits would be required to be paid for an elected city clerk position, the passage of this measure would result in an annual cost savings of approximately $24,000 in salary and benefits, as estimated by the City finance department. Additionally, the City would save approximately $800 every four years in election costs for this position.

Election Contact Information
Donna Settles, City Clerk
380 Civic Drive