Online Utility Bill Payments

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The City of Galt's online utility payment allows processing of payments via Mastercard, Visa or your checking account.  

You will need a pin to access your account information or make a payment.
To create a pin you will need :

1) A copy of your most recent City of Galt utility bill, and
2) The cycle and route number for your account. For security purposes this can only be obtained by calling the Finance Department @ 209-366-7150 Monday through Thursday between 8:00 am and 5:30 pm. Press -0- at any time to be connected to an accounting assistant who can assist you with the cycle and route number.  

**Important:  In order to complete the set up process, you must first obtain the cycle and route number for your account and have information for your most recent utility bill.

Set up your pin, access your account and/or make a payment online.


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