Utility Information

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Utility Services Application

Online Utility Bill Payments and account access now available!

For more information on monthly payments City’s Direct Payment Program.

Water, Sewer and Drainage

Water, Sewer and Drainage services are provided by the City of Galt. An application for service must be completed and submitted with proper identification (California Drivers License preferred) to:

Finance Department Billing and Collections Division
380 Civic Drive Galt, CA 95632
8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday

Please be advised that a deposit equal to three months service is required to establish service. This requirement may be waived with proof of good credit. Complete information is available on service application.

Refuse and Recycling Service 
Refuse and Recycling Service is billed by the City of Galt, service is provided by California Waste Recovery Systems,     (209) 369-6887.

Electric Service
Electrical service is provided to residents of the City of Galt through Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. Customers may arrange for electrical service by calling 888-742-7683.

Gas Service
Gas service is provided to the City of Galt through Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Customers may arrange for gas service by calling 800-PGE-5000.

Phone Service
Telephone service is provided to the City of Galt by the following companies. 
AT&T or Frontier 

Cable Television
Cable Television service is provided to the City of Galt by the following companies. Customers may arrange for cable service by calling one of the following numbers or by clicking on one of the links.
AT&T Uverse              1-800-288-2020        http://www.att.com
Comcast/Xfinity          1-800-288-2278        http://www.comcast.com
DirecTV                     1-866-810-7892        http://www.DIRECTTVDeal.com