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Galt Market is one of the area's most well known outdoor markets in the area!

From its roots as a farmer’s market at the old Sacramento County Fairgrounds in the 1950’s, the Galt Market of today is an expansive open-air mall with diverse products available at bargain prices for the discerning shopper.

With over 400 vendors offering merchandise for sale, the quantity of items available is staggering. The Market covers ten acres of great deals with all the adjacent parking lots reserved solely for customer use.

In addition to the merchandise vendors, there are lots of food vendors providing excellent and inexpensive meals in many forms: From Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, American foods and including mochas, smoothies, lattes and just good hot coffee -- all at bargain prices -- the customer who leaves hungry is unheard of. There are shaded picnic areas with benches and tables all along Food Row, to give tired customers an oasis of rest after a day of shopping. Also constantly present are the members of our friendly staff of Market Attendants who are always hard at work ensuring that the Market is as safe, clean and hospitable as is humanly possible.

Tuesday is the day that wholesalers and retailers from across the state sell their merchandise. Bargains abound in clothing, tools, pottery, electronics, fabric, house wares, rugs, blankets…the list is nearly endless! Also visit our newly added produce and garage sale rows. 

Wednesday is the day for retail new merchandise, garage sale vendors and produce sales. Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seafood are displayed along ‘produce row’ – an aisle 100 yards long with spaces on both sides of the aisle overflowing with offerings from both local and distant farms. Also on Wednesdays are aisles flanked almost-antiques and collectables from estate sales, storage sheds, garages and grandma’s attic to give the sharp-eyed collector a rich hunting ground for treasures, near-treasures and that rare and unusual item you need to fill that empty spot on the family room wall.

The Galt Market also provides free carryout service for shoppers who run out of hands while trying to carry all of their bargains. Our carts, all loaded with customers’ purchases are constantly moving between the vendors’ booths and the numerous loading zones. Many vendors also offer this service to their customers, so there is absolutely no excuse for not buying everything you want!

Located a short distance off Highway 99, the Galt Market is an inviting place to spend a relaxed day, looking for bargains, having some good food and taking home fresh produce for dinner. There is truly nothing like it anywhere else, as it’s over three quarters of a million annual customers can testify.
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