Wednesday Market

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Wednesday is home to our famous Flea Market and Produce Row. Both have a very loyal customer following with flea market goods and available produce varying from week to week.


  Wednesday Market

Vendors come from all over to offer special bargains, closeouts, garage treasures, and antique finds. A wide variety of new merchandise can be found as well. Due to the popularity of the market, plan on shopping early for the best selection.

Our Produce Market is one of the best in the region! It is inspected regularly by the State Department of Agriculture and the Sacramento County Health Department, helping to insure a high standard of quality. Attractively displayed and fresh, we offer seasonal favorites and a wide variety of cultural specialties, many of which are not found in the regular grocery store.

Frequented by restaurants and a very loyal group of customers, shop early in the morning for the best and freshest buys. Produce vendors set up in the A and B rows on the West side of the Market, making parking on the West side most convenient.