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T-Ball Opening Day 2015 1The Galt Parks and Recreation T-Ball, Instructional, and Softball season runs from April through early June. The following levels are offered:


T-Ball 4-5 Year Old Girls & Boys Rules 2018   Instructional 6 year old Girls' Rules 2018

Instructional 7-8 Girls' Rules 2018   Minis Girls' Softball Rules 2018

Minors Girls' Softball Rules 2018   Major Girls' Softball Rules 2018


Please call 209-366-7180 if you have any questions. Thank you!


T-Ball Girls Schedule updated 03.28.19 T-Ball Boys Game Schedule Updated 03.28.19
Instructional 6 Game Schedule Updated 0.328.19 Instructional 7-8 Game Schedule Updated 5.17.19
Minis Playoff Schedule Updated 5.28.19 Minor Championship Schedule 2019
Majors Updated Schedule

  YOUTH LEAGUE PRACTICE SCHEDULESMinis Playoff Schedule Updated 5.28.19

TBall and Instr Veterans Practices March 2019 Practice Field Matrix 052119
TBall and Instr Veterans Practices April 2019 Batting Cage and Practice Field Matrix 042319
TBall and Instr Veterans Practices May  
Please call the Field Condition Line 366-7190 to verify field availability each day.   


2018 Championship Teams

Majors Giants Champs Majors Eclipse Runners Up

 Majors Champions - Coach Quintana


Majors Runners Up - Coach Van Steyn


Minors Almeida Champs 

Minors Monday Runners Up 

Minors Champions -  Coach Almeida


Minors Runners Up -  Coach Monday


 Minis Bulahan Champs

Minis Chandler Runners Up 

Minis Champions - Coach Bulahan

Minis Runners Up - Coach Chandler

 Field Condition Line:  (209) 366-7190
After Hours Event Phone: (209) 810-0293
Answered 4 p.m. - 10 p.m. Mon - Fri; 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. Sat & Sun