Special Events

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When is a permit required for a Special Event?

A special event permit is required when any assembly of congregation of persons, display, entertainment or demonstration, that is likely to meet any one or more of the following:

  • Be attended by one hundred (100) or more people or charges admission to the general public;
  • Obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow or pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or otherwise fail to comply with traffic laws and controls; or
  • Can be reasonably expected to become a hazard to the public peace, health, safety or general welfare as determined by either the chief of police or designee, fire, chief or designee,  or the parks and recreation director or designee.
  • All moving events- runs, walks, rides, special event parades, processions.

     Event Permit Process

    1. Complete and submit the event application with in the applicable number of days per the special event ordinance. Incomplete application will not be processed and returned to event organizer for completion.
    2. Permit Review Process by City effected departments and partner agencies
    3. Preliminary Letter - Once the reviews are complete,  the Special Event Manager will send you a tentative event letter,  outlining and identifying what requirements must be met in order to issue and approve your permit.
    4. Rental fees and required permits submitted:   All fees and permits must be paid and secured
    5. Permit Issuance & Final Conditions:  upon confirming all requirements have been met, the Special Events Manager will issue the permit.   The permit will list the conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant must uphold.  It is imperative to read the permit to understand all of the final conditions.