Megan's Law

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Megan's LawMegan Kanka

Megan Kanka, 7, was killed in July 1994 in Hamilton Township, New Jersey. Jesse Timmendequas, a twice-convicted sex offender, was sentenced to death for Megan's murder and rape. Megan's parents lobbied for state and federal laws requiring officials to find ways to warn neighbors when known sex offenders move into a neighborhood. In May 1996, the Federal Megan's Law was signed by President Clinton, requiring states to disclose to the public information about sex offenders.

California PC 290

Section 290 of the California Penal Code requires persons convicted of certain sexual offenses to register with their local law enforcement agency (responsible for the jurisdiction in which they reside) within 5 working days of their birthday and within 5 working days of changing their address. This is a requirement for the rest of their lives. If they fail to register on time, they are in violation of the law and will go to jail. If they fail to notify the Police Department when they move in or out of the city, they will go to jail. If they provide the Police Department with false or deceptive information about where they are living, they will go to jail. The Galt Police Department has a no tolerance policy with regard to sex offender registration and routinely sends cases to the District Attorney's Office for PC 290 violations.

Sex offenders residing in the jurisdiction of the Galt Police Department are registered, up-dated, and monitored by the officers assigned to the Investigations Division: (209) 366-7010.

How can I access offender information?

Public access to information regarding registered sex offenders can be found on the California Department of Justice website, which lists registered sex offenders in California. Click here to access the current listing for the City of Galt.

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