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Neighborhood Watch

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The Neighborhood Watch Program is one of the most effective means available for resolving issues within your community. It utilizes the best crime prevention device around--a good neighbor. Through organized problem-solving activities, you can help remove crime from your residential area and address any community issues that concern residents.

Neighborhood Watch is not guard duty. It is getting to know your neighbors, focusing on community issues, forming action groups, and finding resolutions to neighborhood problems. It’s a partnership between the Galt Police Department and your community. It involves citizens being trained to recognize and report suspicious activities in their neighborhoods and implementation of crime prevention techniques such as home security and operation identification (engraving driver’s license or ID number on valuable items).

How do you start Neighborhood Watch?
It’s easy. Select the area to be covered by your Neighborhood Watch block. A block consists of 12 to 20 homes that surround you. Personally contact and talk with as many block residents as possible. Share the above information about the Neighborhood Watch Program, express your concerns and ask your neighbors to participate. Select some possible meeting dates and times that are convenient for interested parties.

Next contact us to schedule your initial meeting. (Please note that a minimum of two weeks advanced notice is needed.)

Help us help you make our community a safer, better place to live!

Galt Police Department is seeking individuals who would like to help keep their neighborhood crime free. It's easy to start a Neighborhood Watch group…there’s absolutely no cost and the reward is a safer neighborhood.

For more information contact TJ Guidotti at (209) 366-7021 or by email tjguidotti@galtpd.com.