Mission, Vision & Values

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Our Purpose

  • To maintain peace and order in our community by providing the highest quality of police services to our citizens and visitors.

Our Mission

  • "Public Trust Through Professional Service"

Our Vision

  • A Police Department whose employees feel valued, works together in community partnerships to be a model of excellence in policing, and fosters the highest level of public trust and safety.

Our Values

  • Fairness - Consistent, ethical and impartial treatment of everyone
  • Integrity - Service that demonstrates honesty, professionalism and dedication in all actions
  • Respect - Treating everyone with dignity, empathy and fairness
  • Service  -  Proactively  respond  to  the  changing  needs  of  our  Community  and
    Department through open communication, accountability and professionalism

Our Goals

  • Improve Quality of Life for All
  • Reduce violent crime through prevention, and the identification and apprehension of criminal offenders
  • Maintain priority cal response times
  • Ensure effective policing by addressing command and community priorities
  • Strive for Continuous Improvement in Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Effectively utilize and manage our resources
  • Efficiently manage staffing levels
  • Ensure continuous improvement of operations by identifying best practices in policing
  • Pursue funding sources for new technology and equipment
  • Ensure Accountability to High Standards of Performance, Ethics and Professional
  • Empower and develop the workforce to achieve excellence
  • Support an informed and trained workforce
  • Encourage sound decision-making
  • Promote professional and ethical behavior by employees