Motor Scooter Laws

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The California Legislature made operation of motorized scooters or "Go-Peds" on the roadway legal effective January, 2001. Be aware there are several laws applicable to the safe operation of these vehicles that are specified in the Vehicle Code.

  • Operator must possess a valid driver's license or instruction permitScooter
  • Operator shall not attach the scooter or himself/herself to any other vehicle
  • Operators can not carry passengers
  • Vehicle can not be operated on the sidewalk
  • Operator must wear an approved helmet
  • Lighting equipment is required after darkness
  • Operator shall not exceed 15 mph
  • Vehicle is not to be ridden where the speed limit is in excess of 25 mph, unless an approved bicycle lane is present
  • Operator must ride in the bicycle lane, if such lane is provided, and stay within that lane except when making turns
  • Operator must drive in the same direction as automobile traffic
  • Operator is subject to the Rules of the Road
  • All DUI laws are applicable to operators
  • When making a left turn at an intersection: operator is required to stop, dismount as close as practical to the right side of the roadway and then complete left turn by crossing on foot

Drive Defensively

Motorized scooters can be fun to operate and can be done so safely by following the rules of the road. Remember that when you are operating one of these vehicles you will be very difficult to see, so please drive defensively. Click HERE for additional information (check "Vehicle Code" and use "21235" for search criteria.