Sewer Line Repairs and Responsibilities

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The Facilities Maintenance Division is responsible for wastewater collection system operation and maintenance, which includes cleaning and maintenance of the City’s sanitary sewer collection system. All Facilities Maintenance staff are either certified by the California Water Environment Association as Wastewater Collection System Operators, or are under the direction of a certified operator when working on the collection system.

The responsibility of maintenance of private sewer laterals is covered under Title 14 of the Galt Municipal Code. Section 14.10.100, Maintenance of Sewer Laterals states:

Where premises are connected to the city sanitary sewer mains, it is the responsibility of the property owner, at the owner's expense, to maintain the sewer service lateral from the premises to the city owned and operated main line. Such maintenance shall include the removal of tree roots and other blockages. The property owner is also responsible for repairs of the lateral line within the property boundaries. The city will repair damaged and deteriorated lateral lines in the city right-of-way at city expense, unless such damage was caused by the property owner. (2002-14, Added, 11/19/2002)

If the property owner believes that there is a lateral structural problem in the City right-of-way, the property owner needs to have the lateral televised and provide a copy to the Facilities Maintenance Division. If there is a structural problem in the right-of-way and is not the result of negligence by the property owner, the City will make the repair at no cost to the property owner. 



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