Street Sweeping

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The City of Galt Facilities Maintenance Division maintains a regular and reliable monthly schedule of the City’s 580 curb miles of streets. The Public Works Department has two street sweeping machines. One is a vacuum and broom combination and the other is a mechanical broom machine.

You are the “Key” to the program’s success! Please do not park your car on the street after 6:00 am on sweep days. Chances are the sweepers will come through before 2:00 pm, but certainly before 3:30 pm. Remove your trash and recycling containers from the street promptly after they have been dumped. In most cases, the sweeper is scheduled to come the day after your trash pick up.

The City contracts the solid waste removal with California Waste Recovery Systems which has different routes and schedules than street sweeping and operates at different speeds. To accomplish their tasks street sweepers cover approximately 30 miles per day. Trash collection vehicles must stop and pick-up containers covering approximately 10 miles per day. Occasionally, delays in trash pick up may result in the need to remove trash cans to allow the street sweeper to pass.

Sweeping is no longer divided into types of streets, such as arterial, collector, and residential. The sweeping schedule is now based on a geographic based schedule. An area will be swept either the first and third week of each month, or the second and fourth week of the month. Please refer the street sweeping map below to find out which days your street will be swept. Arterials streets are swept weekly. All other streets in the City will be swept twice monthly. For further information, please contact (209) 366-7260. This schedule is subject to change.