Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is growth the reason for these increased fees?

  • I want to widen my driveway by a couple of feet. Can I do that?

  • When will the Street Sweeper clean my street?

  • How can we get sidewalks clear of low hanging trees?

  • How do I get my sidewalk repaired?

  • May I leave piles of topsoil or bark on the street or sidewalk for a home improvement project?

  • A streetlight has been out on my street for two months. Why hasn’t the City repaired it yet?

  • Who can I call to report a pothole?

  • Why am I waiting at a red light when there is no cross traffic?

  • How can we stop speeding on my street?

  • My street name sign is missing. Can the City install one?

  • I can’t see down the street because cars park right next to my driveway. What can be done?

  • Employees of other local businesses park in front of my business. Can I get limited time parking signs installed?

  • I pay a stormwater fee. What does this money pay for?

  • My gutter is flooded at the drain inlet on the street. How do I get this unplugged?

  • What can I do to conserve water?

  • I have discolored water coming out of my faucets and in my toilets. Can the City come out and fix the problem?

  • What do I do if I need to report a sewer mainline blockage or other sewer maintenance?

  • My plumber said there is a problem with my sewer and that the City will fix it. Is this true?

  • Why are wastewater rates increasing so quickly?

  • Is there anything we can do to ease the burden of higher rates?