Water Pressure

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Water pressure, it’s an up and down situation. The City of Galt’s water system is a loop system. This means that there is only one water zone. Just because you live next to a well it does not mean your water always comes from that well. If a well closest to your home is not running water can come from a well down the street or across town. Average water pressure around the city is 45 PSI. There can be fluctuations throughout the day that can be caused by situations such as water plant treatment process changes, flushing, high water usage, fires, etc.

There are distinct times where there is a much greater demand for water. The demand periods for water are generally the same each day. The peak demand times for water usage are usually 5:00 to 9:00 for both AM and PM. The demand for water at these times increases greatly. Water treatment processes that can affect pressure fluctuations around the City is during filter backwash operation. The well shuts down and water is pulled from the distribution system and used to clean the filters. This process takes approximately 8 to 10 minutes and this can cause pressure to drop. Also the time of year makes a difference; the demand for waters triples during the summer months.

Reducing the usage at your home during the peak demands will reduce the strain on the system during those peak demands and make your appliances and sprinklers work more efficiently. Checking your sprinkler timer and changing watering times to out side the peak demand periods can help greatly to maintain adequate water system pressure.