Hydrant Flushing

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The City pumps all of its water from ground water wells; the water is treated, filtered, stored, and distributed throughout the City. Even when the water is filtered we will still get small amounts of minerals in our finished water. These minerals over time can build and develop sediment. The change in demand from winter to summer can change the direction of flow in the system and sediment can then be distributed in the system and pulled into your house. Water division staff attempts to eliminate this problem by flowing large amounts of water through the system through the fire hydrants. This allows us to monitor the system as to where we may have problem areas. If you experience water that is discolored, or contains particles, please do not hesitate to give us a call and explain what you are seeing, the water lines in your area may be in need of flushing. We will send staff out to flush the water lines in the affected area.