Commission on Aging

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An Introduction of the Commission on Aging


  • Purpose and Functions – To act as a forum for matters of concern to the Senior Citizens of the City, subject to the direction and approval of the City Council.
  • City’s Advocate for the Senior population – To be a tool, or focal point, for the City, concerning: (a) questions on issues; (b) complaints by Seniors related to Food Programs, Access, Recreation, etc… (c) offer resolutions to complaints by Seniors to the city when so tasked.
  • Addressing Concerns – (a) Reply to every written and/or phone messaged concern in a timely manner and (b) forward concerns to the appropriate city department for action, and (c) follow through to ensure that concerns are addressed and or remedied.
  • The Commission meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 10:00 AM at the Galt Parks and Recreation Building in the Conference Room, located at 610 Chabolla Ave, Galt, CA and the public is encouraged to attend! 

    To Contact the Commission if you have issues and concerns - please call:

    (209) 366 7180. The line is attended to during normal business hours by a representative of Parks & Recreation and he/she will take your message and forward it to the Commission. During non-business hours you may leave a message and it will be reviewed the next business day and forwarded to the Commission as well!


COA Agenda Jan 2018
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January  COA Minutes Jan 2018  
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 March  COA Agenda Mar 2018  COA Minutes Mar 2018