Strategic Plan Survey - Your Opinion Matters

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January 2015

The City of Galt invited the community and employees to participate in a brief survey regarding the future direction of the City. The Galt City Council conducts a Strategic Planning Workshop semi-annually to review and establish strategic goals and priorities for the City. The City Council solicited input from the community to ensure that the City’s goals and objectives truly reflect community priorities. Responses from this survey were reviewed at the Strategic Planning Workshop on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 and are presented below:


1.    What do you like most about living and/or working in Galt?

2.    What suggestions do you have to improve the Galt community?

The following five (5) goals are long term goals the City has established as priorities for the City of Galt over the next two years. The City is soliciting your opinion on establishing specific objectives towards accomplishing these goals over the next 6 to 12 months. Please list specific ideas you might have to help the City accomplish each of the following goals:

Goal #1:   Enhance and Maintain Infrastructure and Facilities

Goal #2:    Enhance Economic Development

Goal #3:    Improve Financial Stability

Goal #4:    Attract, Develop, and Retain Quality Employees

Goal #5:    Enhance Cultural and Youth Activities

Please list any other long term goals you believe the City should consider.